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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  June 19, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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r breathing suddenly worsens [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello current tv fans, good morning. we have a big show. we have as what tom brokaw would say, we have raul-- >> raul grijalva. >> stephanie: i like it when you say it. >> the fan of vhava. >> stephanie: yes, the male plaintiffses in prop 8 beautiful father's day piece that one of their dad's wrote. representative robert andrews and of course jacki schechner agree on everything, including the series sucks. >> can you say that on current
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tv. >> stephanie: i don't know. she'll kay call chris la boy. >> then she'll say. [ mumbling ] >> immediately it's hard for people to say. >> stephanie: jacki schechner accidently sexted me. she clearly did not mean toe. and it was the worst sext ever if you did mean to. >> i think i said something on on justin beiber, beaver oh. >> stephanie: it's like calling there grid. >> stay with me, folks. today is the last day of the g- g-20 summit where world leaders are expressed to speak to their unity to job growth and spending as opposed to austerity members. president obama using the summit as a time to meet with presidents of china and russia
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and scheduled for private talks with the chinese president. and yesterday he met with the russian president who continues to support syrian president assad. a new database is out from the protection bureau. they have collected more than 45,000 complaints last year. financial institutions are not happy about the new database saying that the tooling could lead to bases that are inaccurated. but they say it's only from bases they've vetted from the name of the bank to customers' zip code and how the disputes were resolved. they will start with june 8th or later and then work back and it will check complaints about mortgages, checking and savings accounts and consumer loans. go to
6:03 am miller. we'll see you after the break. >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. from silver screens... to flat screens... twizzlerize your entertainment everyday with twizzlers the twist you can't resist.
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[[vo]]joy behar is on current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions?
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>>sorry, i can't hear you. what?! [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: it's the stretch instead of. just warning everyone in advance jim is in a mood. >> yes. >> stephanie: we were discussing what to do here in the opening segment, he said can you shut the hell up because i have a headache. >> okay. [ correct sounds ] >> stephanie: perfect for radio, silence. >> we always love the crickets.
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>> stephanie: i love no matter what i say he says, oh stroke. i'm a little sweaty. he says, oh stroke. >> he defaults to stroke. he might an break dancer. [. [laughter] >> stephanie: okay. >> the worst case scenario. >> stephanie: i'll ask syri. we were talking about that at the top of the our with jacki seri sucks. i annunciate for a living. i don't know when i say call chris la boy. she says, i don't know what you mean by. [ mumbling ] >> i don't know what you mean by. [ mumbling ] >> stephanie: exactly. she speaks nil back to me. >> maybe in french. if they pronounce it chris la boy. [ speaking french ]
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>> stephanie: and what surprised me she said even if they strike down the mandate she thinks we'll be okay. she was pointing out that medicare, there is not a mandate for medicare. if you wait until you're older it's more expensive and there is another way to skin the cat. >> i know a lot of conservative bloggers are hinky the way they will go.
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but justice ruth bader ginsberg said that she and scalia were having a big fight over the change of his positions on some things. >> stephanie: oh this one. [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] >> stephanie: here's the thing. he's more of a politician nan a judge. >> yes, why the hell is he sitting on the bench. >> stephanie: he now just agrees with the constitutionality of healthcare reform. within days of this ruling he's releasing a new book in where we finds fault for the under girding of the healthcare. he's like mitt romney, a flip flopper. >> an etch-a-sketcher. now a flip flop. >> stephanie: he previously embraced the premises of that decision. a lot of law professors had the same opinion we did. his judge something political and he'll support the laws he
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likes but narrowly strike down the ones he doesn't. this is typical can leah said an ucla law professor. he agrees when it fits his ideologyideology and discards them when they don't. this is a scalia charade. >> it just underscores how bad a president george w.h. bush was. >> announcer: at citizens united airlines we have spend millions of dollars all across america. citizens united is the airline with all first class no riff-raff, the spirit of congress, and has 535 first class seats that we fill just the way we like. remember, you can fly citizens united anonymously. citizens united airlines, we are dedicated to giving you the shaft that we think you deserve. come fly the unfriendly skies. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: right out of the
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box this morning. by the way this story before we do right-wing world. [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] >> stephanie: this is what you were talking about blogger fret every scalia and kennedy. the supreme court is going to uphold healthcare because anthony kennedy's supreme court. but i love this. conservatives stressed it didn't mean that the status quo was working. we need healthcare reform in this country very badly but it needs to be based on individual responsibility. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: what does that sound like? does it sound like a mad day. >> a little bit. >> stephanie: i am not one of your fans. >> say blog. i'll say any. [ bleep ]
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>> angle ifing f-ing thing that they want. >> stephanie: that's that. they're willing to be helpful knowing that the status quo does not work. and they realize all this stands on another code word doctor. >> you know the mandate was originally a far right heritage think tank plan. >> stephanie: bob dole thought it was a big thing. >> bob dole should pass that. bob dole thought of it. bob dole should stop talking about bob dole in third person. >> take responsibility and get insurance for your own self. >> to get viagra, for example. >> stephanie: exactly. when you have a four hour-- [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] a few highlights, my faux pas just let this--
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>> just fly off into space? is that what you said chubby. >> stephanie: you made it worse. this never happens. are roger hedge phones. >> roger hedgecock. >> stephanie: kids, speaking of the reason why i bring this up, former presidential candidate bob dole, can i just say we do a lot of better casting on our side than the republicans do? so john kerry is going to play the role of mitt romney in the debates preparation. >> earth that's right. >> stephanie: with president obama because it's perfect. he knows mitt's record in massachusetts very well. he's from there. so he knows which lies he's going to tell about his record. so romney's campaign will not comment on who will play obama
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during his debates. [ ♪ "jeopardy theme" ♪ ] >> alan keys. >> we got a black eye. >> stephanie: samuel jackson? no? >> get off my f-ing place. >> stephanie: romney's campaign would not comment on who would play obama but since 1996 this is kind of sad they've turned to rob portman every time. rob portman, the senator from ohio. that's yeah. >> that's odd. >> stephanie: yeah, he has played the democratic presidential nominee and even stood in for hillary clinton--horrible casting--when his former roommate ran against her for the senate. >> hmm. >> stephanie: yeah again? better casting. i don't understand that. >> get jeannine turner. >> stephanie: victoria jackson or somebody. i know you have limited casting ability for the republicans.
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that is a shallow bench. [ crickets ] that is a shallow talent pool there. >> stephanie miller, jacki. >> stephanie: funny. let's go to the right-wing world. oh, we start with sean hannity. >> it appears there are no limits to what president obama will say and do to win this election. in a brazen election year stunt. he anoint announced friday that they will no longer deport young immigrants. president obama has made amnesty the official policy of the united states of america. >> stephanie: no, you're thinking of ronald reagan. [ ding ding ] think of the of the picture of ronald reagan behind him. >> he loves it. >> stephanie: he came on the show and i got him a picture. anyway, my point is-- >> did you give that to him.
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>> stephanie: he was hurt that i threw his away on air. >> he's softy. >> stephanie: anyway, but no, that's what reagan--that's the thing. it just kills me. they cannot--they have no sense of reality about what reagan stood for. he actually gave amnesty to millions of illegals. this is not amnesty. >> no he didn't. shut up. >> the president's new policy might very well be ill legal. it's up to congress to make federal law not the president. there is no discretion in exempting a large group of people from federal law. nevertheless, the obama administration is doing it. so we can expect court challenges to the president's illegal alien pronouncement in that president obama once again overstepped his constitutional authority. on the political front, mitt romney believes that the president's move was dictated by
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vote pandering. >> so reagan did the same thing. >> stephanie: they don't cover that. >> he did this with his hands. >> stephanie: their archive does not go that far. can i place charlie pierce's column? he's coming in the next hour. the mysterious john wu, he wrote wrote, president obama stretches the constitution and the rule of law. >> now? >> now a warning? >> stephanie: charlie writes i tried to reach irony for comment on each of these items ander but she had downed xanax and had to be rushed to er. >> i love charlie pierce. >> stephanie: yeah, charlie pierce, charlie pierce. we'll be back with more of our right-wing world. we have another unsow unsolicited
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stephanie. judy collins version just so you know. >> judy mitchell wrote it. >> stephanie: right back on the right-wing world on "the stephanie miller show." >> announcer: there is a tea party in her pants. you're invited. call now. and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" 1-800-steph-12 50% more cash is good ri... what's that. ♪ ♪ and who doesn't want 50% more cash? ugh, the baby. huh! and then the baby bear said "i want 50% more cash in my bed!" phhht! 50% more cash is good ri... what's that.
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♪ ♪ you can spell. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? ha ha. ♪ ♪ the new slogan should be "we own wall street." that's my view. desk top, lab top, ipad. iphone. >> pleasant your hearts. >> the big one. >> stephanie: all i know, the little flower is there and it means go to meeting. i love go to meeting.
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>>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> stephanie: oh, yeah, oh yeah. it is the--oh, "the stephanie miller show." 4 minutes after the hour.
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1-800-steph-12 the phone number. dana in maryland, you're on on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning, stephanie. how are you. >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i want to talk about the out house oh, gee. >> stephanie: thethe out house? >> oh, the out house. >> stephanie: for people who don't know what you mean, explain it. >> caller: the in montana who don't know about indoor plumbing they put up an out house, to disgrace president obama, and it said for a good time call hillary clinton. >> stephanie: it says obama. >> caller: it says the presidential library. >> it was put up by a bunch of tea baggers at a condition convention in montana montana. >> and the house out is also riddled with bullets. >> caller: and they kept rolling
6:25 am
it around. to me the general disrespect for this president and the rose garden you know, you're a liar, i mean, had we done that to bush, you know, i mean, there just would have been mayhem to pay, and for some reason-- >> stephanie: i heard a right wing radio host defending this. >> caller: was it carlson. >> stephanie: no, the blogger in rose garden, oh, they shouted questions at reagan--oh please. >> caller: oh breezier please. >> stephanie: they shout questions at every president after it's done. >> caller: o this is nothing compared--i mean, an out house? it's disgraceful. they're standing out there with their babies in their arms and they're laughing. i know you use an out house at home but we don't find this amusing. like i said, if the shoe was on the other foot, no pun intended throwing a shoe at george bush, they had to go to another
6:26 am
planet jan, you know, i hate her. the disrespect. what can we do. >> stephanie: dana, i got you. i hear you. well said. i mean, there is a new example every day. where you go, really? was it all the same? this right wing host was going oh, they were unbelievably disrespect to reagan. they were always shouting questions at him. >> after the statement. it was a press conference. >> stephanie: every president in history of the country after he finishes the press conference and he's leaving they shout questions. but the host made it sound like, oh that poor ronald reagan. >> and there are some problems that can be solved with napon. >> stephanie: jim, breeze. [ buzzer ] "the stephanie miller show" wishes to apologize. they do have indoor plumbing,
6:27 am
and we disavow that they only have out houses. >> and they're beautiful toiletgoers. >> stephanie: some go doody in the toilet, and we apologize. >> and there are some pockets of right wings runcy. >> stephanie: one other thing that they're siting is helen thomas. there is a difference between asking tough questions. >> at a press conference. >> stephanie: right. >> which is where they make the statements. >> stephanie: they played a clip i believe her asking bush, mr. president, this is a war of your own choosing. you're citing that? yes, it was a tough question. >> that was a question in the question time. >> stephanie: right, right but that the same example of rudeness as someone heckling the president while he's talking. >> that's apples--comparing apples to some fruit that no one has ever heard of. >> stephanie: what? >> apples and snarf.
6:28 am
>> stephanie: where apples and snabarg. where did i find the snebegan in los angeles. hello, john. >> caller: good morning. good to speak with you. i love you. >> stephanie: thank you. go ahead, i wanted to tell you real quick i'm a vietnam vet and i'm disabled. i'm voting for obama because this man has done more far the veterans since lyndon johnson. i would like to also say that there have--i don't think there has ever been a romney in service of this country in the armed services. >> stephanie: right, because they were serving a higher purpose, and that was getting mitt romney elected. what did he say yesterday? i'm not a politician. that's not my career what? you've been running for president since you were a zyge. >> yeah. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour on "the stephanie miller show."
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] budget. he just wanted to strip their collective bargaining rights. the whole thing makes me ♪ crazy ♪ do we have time for jay carney. >> the recovery has seen 4.3 million jobs in the private sector created and seen a
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♪ take just one more ♪ it's been dumbed down ♪ long before romney ♪ ever did ♪ >> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after the hour.
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we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: this is kind of funny. >> you mean like ha-ha jerry sign field funny. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> god bless her she's trying funny. >> stephanie: it's "the stephanie miller show"." 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll-free from anywhere as we continue with the right-wing world. >> for romney it's a losing proposition to get into a fight. 's very clever trap by obama. it's a way to lure first of all romney away from talking about the main issue economics any day romney is talking about anything other than economic is a day that obama wins. and secondly, it isn't an easy issue for romney to counter. it's a losing proposition. i think romney is right.
6:34 am
he'll kick it into the future. if he's elected he'll cancel the order and try to sub suit relegislation. so why get into a distraction. >> stephanie: mittens is not doing so well, you have richard land, evangelical leader and charlie pierce printed the entire transcript of mitt's answers. >> lots of circles. >> stephanie: it could have been sarah palin. i will look at that in the future, and i well, i will look at that, and we'll look at--just a complete an entire page of no answer. meanwhile, he is on tape--he could not be more unequivocal i will veto the dream act. what is i talking is he talking about? >> have you seen marco rubio whining and crying, why didn't the white house contact me.
6:35 am
[ baby crying ] >> stephanie: isn't it--its concerning he's like a half-term senator right? i thought those were too inexperienced to be consulted in any way. >> by the way, "abc news" is reporting marco rubio is not being vetted by the romney team. >> stephanie: oh. [ baby crying ] >> people are ignoring me. >> stephanie: fox news. >> governor mitt romney hitting america's heartland taking his six-state bus tour through battlegrounds like wisconsin and iowa, and although the president won all six states back in 2008 governor romney said he is the one who can restore america's greatness using one the greatest lines in fact from the great communicator. >> mitt romney is spending a lot of time echoing ronald reagan and taking the six-day bus tour. >> stephanie: echoing him you mean on amnesty? >> yep. >> stephanie: how is he echoing reagan?
6:36 am
>> i have no idea but fox news was pushing that and pushing that. >> stephanie: with those americana type of themes. >> there i go again. >> stephanie: because you had a headache, i went with the least irritating thing. you know when that's the right-wing world we're in for trouble. we're in for a bumpy ride. >> he had a v scanner. >> stephanie: he's amazed by anything. gretchen carlson stunned by air, oh, isn't that amazing. >> wow, look at that, who knew. >> stephanie: glenn beck at the face and freedom conference. >> oh, yeah, ugh. >> i have seen the finger of god. you can call it whatever you want, but i've seen the finger of god. he is not neutral in the affairs of man. [ farting sounds ] >> the lord's arm is extended. he is our fathering come to me,
6:37 am
please just come to me. >> wow. >> stephanie: yeah. >> his arm is extended. >> and what finger is being used. [ farting sounds ] >> i think it's the middle finger. >> beck, pull my finger. >> god is giving glenn beck the middle finger. that's-- >> stephanie: well, if he is he's using it to change the channel on the radio station. that's what he's doing there. [ ding ding ] i'm sorry, did you want me to mention again? they replaced him with my show in san francisco. the finger of god really hitting that button hard. >> god was pointing towards the door--get out! you're done! >> stephanie: stop using my name. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: mike huckabee on the radio. >> he said earlier on the hour that bristol palin will be joining us about a new reality show she'll be doing and apparently she just didn't show up. guess what, i don't know what we'll be watching tomorrow when her new show lines up. too bad. once the child decides hey i
6:38 am
like this spotlight. i like the limelight. i want to have more of it. then they become fair game. then they are there by their own choice and their own volition. so if you, you know, go on dancing with the stars or go on a lecture tour or do a reality show all the bets are off. >> stephanie: wow, you heard ink uncle mike, bristol palin. we finds her as we do. a bipartisan moment there. >> stephanie: just as whiney and victim-y as her mom. to the right wingers. they defended this heckler in the rose garden. what would we call her the muck
6:39 am
raker. >> sure. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [applause] >> stephanie: shoot four again.
6:40 am
>> that's right. >> stephanie: tony in michigan you're on "the stephanie miller show." welcome, tony. >> caller: i just want to comment. actually scalia was a reagan appointment. >> i stand corrected. >> caller: about the muck raker i rather the president call him out rather than just play the i didn't hear the question like reagan used to do. >> stephanie: well exactly. and i tony tony, i can't believe i was living to it and he tried to make it sound like the president lost it or was incentive and i think the president was 100% cooler than we would have been in that circumstance. >> caller: right, did you see those reporters around kneel munro? they looked so just astonished that he would do that. >> stephanie: everyone who is fair minded would have the same reaction no matter what side of
6:41 am
the aisle you're on. it's not done. sylvia in sacramento you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: i wanted to add to what you were talking about. this all goes with the disrespect for the president because he's a black man. that's the point of all this. the other lady that called in regarding that obama's presidential library stunt that the tea baggers put out? you know, that was put right in front of the republican conference that they were having and instead of having them tow it away, they just left it there. i think that--i heard an interesting "viewpoint" on that. that they're doing this--they allowed this to happen because--and they play like--they tried to play it down but me want to stoke that anger against a black man being in the white house. they want to continue that because they want to get obama out. so i don't know, i just think
6:42 am
that people lose the main point that this is a disrespect for a black man. even that kneel munro. >> stephanie: the thing is sylvia, even the things that are not--even jan brewer, you can't say that's inherently racist. it's just rude. there is an unprecedented amount of rudeness to this president. again, i don't think i'm using themisusing the word "unprecedented." >> can you imagine if some woman had stuck her finger in ronald reagan's face? the right wing would go ape. >> listen you ronnie, you actor. >> stephanie: licia, in houston. >> caller: i want to add to the lady who just spoke. she's right on the money. i'm african-american and i'm reoutraged about everything. the teleprompter.
6:43 am
let's bulletproof the teleprompter. spoken by the whom who needs an aspirin between her knees. i can't believe that mitt romney has not spoken out and the republicans have not condemned that. >> stephanie: i forget what was iin there about michelle obama? wasn't there disrespect about michelle obama? or am i wrong. >> caller: there is a pastor who hung the effigy of the president outs his church, that is christian? where are the democrats? where are they screaming and yelling? they said something about romney's wife not working a day in her life and they almost coughed up a lung over that? i can't stand this. >> stephanie: meanwhile, rush limbaugh can make fat jokes about michelle obama you know,
6:44 am
i can't even keep track of the barely or not-barely coded racist language. so not my imagination. good, good. [applause] >> what if they put a suffix, about it. everything they say about him is demeaning. >> stephanie: it would be different if this was lunatic fringe. there is lunatic fringe on the left, but this is at a republican conference where republicans are speaking. it's visible. it's not some lunatic fringe gathering--well, it is. that's my point the republicans have become lunatic fringe. 45 minutes after the hour. we'll be right back on "the stephanie miller show"." >> announcer: that's a lot of zeros. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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[[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight.
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innovation matters now more than ever. after the commercial. >> it is a combination of low self-esteem, low blood sugar and
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. ♪ she's a bad mamajamma ♪ oh ♪ just as fine ♪ as she can be ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ >> stephanie: mm-hmm, it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it this hour brought to you by solar world. solar world has been making solar financial panels in the usa since 1975. 1-800-steph-12 the number toll toll-free from anywhere. greg you're on "the stephanie miller show"."
6:50 am
hi greg. >> caller: good morning. before we go too far throwing montana under the boss. remember montana govern is one of the leaders in politics. >> a good guy. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and if i'm not mistaken the montana legislature passed a law counter to the citizens united ruling in the supreme court. >> stephanie: yeah yeah. >> caller: so that should be a legal battle there. >> stephanie: montana is beautiful. i vacationed there not too long ago, and missoula, there are a lot of people who do ody in the toilet. >> caller: doody? >> stephanie: i'm just saying that was a bad represent of montana. speaking of bad representation. that republican of texas jim is it me or does he look like.
6:51 am
>> a doey pant load. >> stephanie: like a "hee haw" cast reject. he's a little startling. >> what is his last name. >> stephanie: farnteheld. a restunned gentleman that rtund gentleman who is lacking teeth. he has curling hair and he has--okay. >> he's not flashing what is left of his teeth. >> stephanie: no, it's a little startling. he's the one who said, 16-year-old children can make their own immigration decisions. did you see this? did you see him on cnn? >> wow. >> stephanie: he said that 16-year-olds can make their own decisions about immigrating to the u.s. claiming his 16-year-old daughter argues about everything that the family wants to do. >> that solves everything--what? [applause]
6:52 am
>> stephanie: he said you're talking about people who came over at 16. a that the point people have a say in it and it looks like amnesty. you think a 16-year-old whose parents are coming across the border have a say whether they'll stay behind in their own country. he said, they have an opportunity to have a conversation with their parents about it. >> stephanie: you're embarrassing me. get some teeth. we have dentists in texas. i'm just saying, 16-year-old girls would be a little--they're alreadyalready embarrassed of their parents. if your parent happens to be toothless. [ ding ding ] i'm thinking she has second thoughts. okay dad if you have to pick me up from school, don't smile. drop me off a block away. >> that's your dad oooh. >> you all are mean.
6:53 am
>> stephanie: at least my dad god cast on "hee haw." your dad is a reject. >> that's easily put. y'all. >> stephanie: i tell you what. >> i tell you what, if y'all are 16, y'all can make your own. [ banjo music ] >> stephanie: you shut up. bing, bing. >> what did you do with my banjo? "the stephanie miller show" apologizes for the previous stereotypes. however, just go online and he has no teeth. >> who took my banjo out to the out house. >> i think banjo is more appalachian and not texan. >> that's the guitar. >> stephanie: what is that tobacco juice hitting the piano keys. you need an opening. tony in texas. hi tony? >> caller: good morning stevie. >> stephanie: yes, hello. >> caller: the most beautiful liberal in the world.
6:54 am
>> stephanie: i'm the most beautiful girl in the world. >> caller: the most beautiful liberal. >> there are conservative girls who are more beautiful. >> caller: and on "hee haw." >> stephanie: is it me? i couldn't understand what he said. >> he said just like in "hee haw," you're i'm a pickin' and you're agrinin'. did you ever watch "hee haw." >> stephanie: yes, sadly for me i did. jacki schechner mocked me for making a "walton" reference to me. >> that is an old reference. >> good night john boy. >> stephanie: see, i updated my catchphrases. i told her to up her nose with a rubber hose and kiss my grits. >> and did family have a catchphrase? christie mcnichol. >> stephanie: some junior dyke thing. disrespect for our president.
6:55 am
is it our imagination? rudy giuliani, he gave a speech where he was mocked punching obama's crotch, much to the glee of this brooklyn g.o.p. crowd. >> it was an unbelievable shot to the--i'm not sure i can say it on the microphone. it was a shot right to the boom, wow. for six days obama was talking with a higher voice. [applause] >> stephanie: hum, that's funny. that's funny. a joke about--they were talking about winning back the seat. but he said--he made the motion of punching the president in the crotch. that was him doing a hilarious high voice that the president would be having if he were punched in the. [ bleep ] >> yeah, if you attempted that, the secret service would do more than bunch you. >> stephanie: yeah. >> you would have holes in you. >> stephanie: okay okay, jim in
6:56 am
madison--you know what they say now you can't leave. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: jim in madison hi jim. >> caller: good morning. hi, i would--i was hoping that next time you have one of your reporters at a romney event that maybe someone would ask mr. romney--he talks about his involvement with saving the salt lake city olympics. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: setting the sights of government bailout, doesn't it set up a bias for a family to keep in dressage and maybe he should be disqualified for that? >> that's an interesting point. >> caller: also if he takes the $77,000 tax deduction for the care of his horse doesn't that expense preclude him from amateur? >> stephanie: one would think. >> caller: maybe so. finally, i would like to ask if any of his staff joined in the cheering when chicago was
6:57 am
eliminated from the olympics. >> stephanie: thank you, jim. if only jim could be my reporter at the romney events. [applause] >> jim gathers news. >> stephanie: exactly. real quick. mo in seattle. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, mo. >> caller: it's maureen, but i let everyone call me mo. >> stephanie: hey, mo. >> caller: and i'm new newly unmr. unemployed to my ass doesn't get any bigger, the side of a barn. >> stephanie: only have 20 seconds. >> caller: who is not going to let those tax cuts expire because i want to start a campaign against them to not get elected. >> stephanie: i hear you. 58 minutes after the hour. representative raul grijalva up next on "the stephanie miller show." , marxist. >> yes, marxist 101. >> stephanie: good to know. >> and according to rush
6:58 am
limbaugh they don't pay taxes. >> they're not american. >> stephan [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: well hello current tv fangs. we're getting ready for hour number two with raul grijalva coming up. >> raul grijalva. >> stephanie: yes, healthcare warrior, as is jacki schechner. jacki, do you have any thoughts on when this decision is coming down and what's going to happen? we're hearing all kinds of stuff from both sides. >> yeah, i didn't assume it was going to be yesterday because the president was out of the country, i don't think they're going to make a decision knowing he's out of the country. thursday is the next decision day and then monday and thursday of next week and then we're done with the month. it has to be done by the end of
6:59 am
june. >> stephanie: you hear nervousness on both sides. the conservative bloggers at this conference we were talking about, what is your sense. >> it's so hard to anticipate. i think the conventional wisdom is that it will be a 6-3 decision to keep everything in place. i don't know. it's difficult to tell. they could very well rule the mandate unconstitutional and then you have to go on with the reform without it and then it's tricky to go without it. >> stephanie: that's what nancy pelosi said, 6-3-4. we have jacki schechner. >> good morning. marco rubio's new memoir is out today. he says that he would come to the u.s. illegally if he had to. if he were poor and could not feed his family he said there was no law that would stop him were crossing the border and he calls for decency when dealing with undocumented immigrants. today, abc reports rubio is not
7:00 am
being vetted by mitt romney's vice president search team. he has not released any financial documents. neither rubio's people or romney people have a comment. he will appear at a fundraiser for the mitt romney super pac restore our future. according to the pew report, asian americans are the fastest growing minority group. asians recently passed hispanics as the largest group of immigrants but we still don't think it's okay for them to reach out to latinos on the outreach website which it did last week. and congress is spending amount of time, according to cnn who took a look at the current house and senate days in session. lawmakers did not pass as many bills as they have in the past.
7:01 am
132 measures. a fifth of those are naming post offices. we're back with more after the break. stay with us. >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. a great tasting mint core, frosted in powerful cooling crystals. ice breakers frost. feel the frost.
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what the current audience can expect from my show is the unexpected. >>stephanie miller challenges the system, now it's your turn. >>it's a little bit of magic. >>connect with "talking
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liberally with stephanie miller" at and on twitter at smshow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> stephanie: mm-hmm, it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. six minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. toll-free from anywhere. well, obviously lots of discussion about the president's president's, i think really bold and terrific stance on immigration. we have--we had ron barber on not too long ago. lots of exciting things going on
7:05 am
in arizona. ron barber just won gabby giffords' seats. good morning representative. >> caller: how are you stephanie. good to be here. >> stephanie: good to hear you. ron barber, what a great congressman he's going to make. >> caller: 's good and decent person. his victory affirms the fact that there is not only a place but the ability for decent people who want to do the right thing to get elected despite all the hits he took in that campaign. he kept very positive, and the voters responded. he won by a bigger margin against kelly than gabby had done in the previous election. so i think his ability to retain the seat after defeating kelly and the tea party has just been
7:06 am
enhanced for the general election. >> stephanie: congressman i was just going to say i've been there doing sexy liberal shows in tucson and phoenix. there are people who are glad to reclaim arizona from this pea party craziness. because arizona has become known for its craziness. >> caller: and well deserved. we've become a petry dish for crazy legislation. arizona has been that experiment experimenttation area. everything from 1070 which we'll hear from the supreme court to birther to guns in schools restricting women's rights. name it and it has pasted that legislature. >> stephanie: i heard your colleague on my friend bill press' show this morning. she said we're going to get good
7:07 am
news on the legislation in healthcare anded about news on the 1070. >> caller: i hope she's right on healthcare and wrong about the 1070. i came in apprehensive on the hearing on 1070 and left even more so based on the questions roberts, scalia were asking of the solicitor general. i just felt that you know, the central core part of it, which is the profiling part, will--i hope is not retained, but that seemed to be where the questions were going. if that's retained, then the court of the law is retained. >> stephanie: representative speaking of curious things about arizona, sheriff arpaiop explain this to me. he arrested a six-year-old
7:08 am
undocumented immigrant on the same day that the president announces his new policy halting deportation for undocumented immigrants. he said that was a complete coincidence. you know, i just--i guess what i wonder about sheriff arpaio. he said this will not impact his approach toward young--they'll still be arrested. can he do that? that's my question. >> caller: the whole issue we've had with homeland security during this whole time, and i think the president in a very historic and bold way clarified it, is if you have arpaio, basically applying the law regardless how he sees it, not as it being a federal law instructed to by the executive branch and homeland security, homeland security needs to stop corporating at a local left and
7:09 am
quit as he, you know, there is an issue. he has to turn those people over. if the process is to quit moving forward with the deportation and the prosecution, then arpaio can go through these meaningless exercises which are disruptive and hurtful to communities but arpaio he has made his cache on picking up a group of people and that his political cache. you know, he's under investigation. >> stephanie: i was going to say, for multiple human rights-- >> caller: for human rights-- >> stephanie: using taxpayer's fund to investigate the president's birth certificate. can he do that? >> caller: he seems to get away with it at maricopa county. he used the excuse that he's an
7:10 am
elected official, therefore he can. as this court case proceeds you'll see that there has been a violation of not only civil rights law but a serious misappropriation of federal dollars in terms of law enforcement support that have been misdirected. and misdirected and more in a political machine that he has up there than the law enforcement machine. i say that because a predominant predominantly latino area of phoenix, 400 sex crimes, and after two years they have not been investigated, and this included children. that was one of the issues that the justice department was looking at as well. so you know, there is plenty of things that are arpaio has done that will come home to roost. it's the frustration for many of us is that it's taken so long. >> stephanie: yes, congressman obviously the president's--this move is a very bold one.
7:11 am
i love how people accuse him of playing politics. last poll i saw he was ahead 30 or 40 points over mitt romney with latinos. he hardly had a to do this. i believe he did this because it was the right thing to do. congress would not act on the dream act. >> caller: i think he had no choice. you know, as frustrating it might have been for some of us, the think the president made a sincere effort, stephanie to try to work with the other side to try to work with republican leadership to craft whether it's immigration, healthcare, or the whole economic and financial picture of this country. and at every turn there is a rejection of any effort toward compromise or consensus. their mantra has been to watch him fail. >> stephanie: frankly, what do you think of mitt romney continually saying, he had a democratic house in congress, and house and senate, again, it
7:12 am
is pat tently true and he knows it. it was the passed in the house and then filibustered in the senate because we had to senators who were li'l ill and not there. >> caller: when you don't receive a single vote in that unfortunate magical number of 60 from the senate from the republicans, nothing will happen. they knew that and they stone walled this. i find it the height of hypocrisy for the mayor in arizona right after the decision by obama who said this was politically motivated and this was the same individuals who tooth and nail fought for the last two and a half years not to allowed any semblance of immigration reform to proceed in congress. >> stephanie: excuse me, representative, but mitt romney has earned his low numbers. he took the hardest line against immigrants in the republican primaries, did he not?
7:13 am
>> caller: yeah, and this are consequences to the pannedry. assuming that this is a blind con sit wentcy who is not intelligent and not watching and reading about these candidates is a mistake. romney stepped right in it. i don't care what magic trick rubio was talking about or anybody else, it was not going to change the fundamental impression. >> stephanie: you can't take back that video clip, representative, of him saying, yes, i will absolutely veto the dream act. now there is a poll out saying president obama is close to what you call earlier enthusiasm deficit with key latino voters in battleground states. the report is shockingly it's unpopular among hispanic. he was the one who said this.
7:14 am
>> caller: the hispanics in the country enthusiasticcally supported the president and the 60% of the of the young general. i think there is buyers remorse and i think people are looking at the tea party as obstructionist on every level. i think the president looked bold. look how low the ratings are of congress. the fact that he said you guys aren't going to do anything. i'm going to do it. i think actually helps him. >> stephanie: representative raul grijalva, always a pleasure to talk with you. thank you for checking in this morning. >> caller: not a problem. >> stephanie: what a hero. >> you mangled his name on the last one. >> stephanie: hush. you spotlight my mistakes. >> because you said it to him.
7:15 am
>> stephanie: instead of celebrating my triumphs of which there are so few. mike well welcome to "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: i agree with the congressman from arizona. there is an ironry for preventing someone from doing anything and then holding him responsible. >> that's like your brother holding you down and saying, why are you hitting yourself and then waterboarding with toothpaste. i've been through it. >> i can tell. >> stephanie: we'll' go through romney'ss scanner supermarket moment. >> announcer: it's the stephanie miller.
7:16 am
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the new slogan should be "we own wall street." that's my view. desk top, lab top, ipad. iphone. >> pleasant your hearts. >> the big one. >> stephanie: all i know, the little flower is there and it means go to meeting. i love go to meeting.
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>>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it.
7:19 am
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> and we're back. aah. >> stephanie: what?
7:20 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show," welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12, judy in california you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi judy, hi, my sweet stephanie and moog. the last time i was on i mispronounced plethora and said plethora. jim looked like he had been tasered. now i decided to use it for my
7:21 am
stephanie miller plethora pontificateor. mrs.ensmrs. mittens was so excited about her little prancing pony winning the last prancing pony contest that she rushed down to greet her, tripped over other hen feet, fell down and accidently exposed her threat are a. they said you're out of here for your prancing pony. >> stephanie: judy is cracking herself up. >> it's kind of funny. >> stephanie: you're going to get something dirt out of saying prancey pony seven times fast. wow, speaking about a touch. do you remember george h. w.s bush a look at the super scanner. >> it presses there, and they don't have to look at the
7:22 am
sticker. >> stephanie: okay, so he was-- >> that's amazing. i had no idea. >> stephanie: he was ordering a sandwich at wah-wah's? >> it's not wah-wah's but wah-wah. we don't have it here in the west. >> they're not convenient. >> stephanie: not to us, are they. >> but if you live on the east coast, you don't say wah-wah. you gowah-wah's. you say wah-wah. >> stephanie: what happens if barbara walters orders through the drive through. wah-wah. >> it doesn't sound weird to people on the east coast but it sounds weird to us. >> stephanie: do you have anything with waisens. here is mitt romney. >> where do you get your hoguey. do you go to wah-wah's. i know it's a very big state
7:23 am
divider. but we went to wah-wah's. i went to order a sandwich. you press a touch-tone key pad. and the sandwich comes and you touch this, touch this, and pay the cashier, it's your sandwich. it's amazing. >> stephanie: i mean, wand. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: normally does the help bring you the sandwich? you touch a thing. >> i usually have illegal immigrants make my sandwich for me. >> stephanie: i said bring me a sandwich and it magically appears. [ ♪ magical ♪ ] people touch things if they want chocolatey con fection. >> romney: by the way where do you get your hogeys. do you get them at wah-wah's?
7:24 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> romney: it's amazing. ♪ oh won't you ♪ show me the way ♪ >> romney: touch this, touch this, touch this. ♪ oh won't you ♪ show me the way >> romney: go pay the cashier. there's your sandwich ♪ wah-wah ♪ >> it's actually not a wah-wah. [applause] >> stephanie: yay, that was just--you could tell--you don't overdo it, i'm going to fill in local reference here. hey, do you all go to--hogeys. >> i bet you can say hogeys at. >> stephanie: i bet it says, do you go get your hogeys fill in here. >> oops, did i misread that.
7:25 am
>> stephanie: he tries to stay in touch and he still said it wrong. stevie on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. i'm a first-time caller. i love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i have to say i have an old lady crush on john fugelsang. >> stephanie: oh, yes. >> caller: he's a cutie. >> stephanie: or as he's called. fugelgong. >> caller: when you talk about racism it appalls me but does not surprise me. and michelle has to put up with the double-whammy of sexism. that has been going on forever with the old white man's party. >> stephanie: yeah. >> caller: and i just--i'm--it also hit that you were saying, you know, about how hitting now. it started with hilary in the 90s with the sexism. >> stephanie: do you think they're more sexist, racist or
7:26 am
homophobic. >> caller: it's pretty bad. it frustrates me as a woman. i'm old. i came of age in the 1950s and 60s and i remember racism and sexism at a little girl. i knew there was something wrong with the system. michelle is a beautiful woman. i met her just for 50 seconds and i thought i can't believe these old white guys are still stuck. >> stephanie: i know, i know. there are a lot of ifs andisms"" in this republican party. and yeah i talk to sury too too much. she's the only one who will talk to me. >> what if you can't talk to her. then you're sol. >> stephanie: charlie pierce is next.
7:27 am
[[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to
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it starts at $59 for the entire year for back up. put in code stephanie for your subscription. 18 minutes after the hour. ♪ take just one more ♪ it's been dumbed down ♪ long before romney ♪ ever did ♪ >> thank you . >> stephanie: 45 minutes after
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the hour. we'll be back as we close "the stephanie miller show." >> on "the stephanie miller show" in suburban america this [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> think of 35 years of success and millions of friends worldwide. >> don't ask me. i'm just a girl. [ giggling ] >> stephanie: oh, thank you, chris for moving the monitor so you can better see my rack. >> yes. we get calls and letters. we. >> stephanie: thanks everybody. >> yep. >> stephanie: 1-800-steph-12 toll-free from anywhere. yeah, it's tuesday. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
7:32 am
>> stephanie: charlie pierce political columnist for esquire's politician blog. >> caller: all together, children. raul grijalva. >> raul grijalva. >> raul grijalva hummer. >> caller: that's one of those that tom brokaw would never stop pro insurancing. someone would have to hit him with a bottle to get him to stop. >> that was his red leather raul grijalva. >> caller: i think the police in california have that as the the sobriety test. pronounce the name of the democratic representative from arizona. >> raul grijalva. >> stephanie: i remember in theater class it was bumblebee mum bumblebee mum bumblebee mum. >> caller: i thought it was oh god, oh god oh god.
7:33 am
>> stephanie: hey, hey. >> charlie pierce. >> stephanie: charlie pierce. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> stephanie: yes, he would be in his office. >> raulraul grijalva. >> caller: i only knew that because i was listening to satellite radio in my car since you're no longer available in boston. >> stephanie: oh, don't even talk to me.. [ wah ] >> caller: you know, that was the worst move since someone said, you know that, hannity kid has promise. >> stephanie: your stuff is so good on that i've been quoting it already. >> incessantly. >> caller: very good, chris. >> thank you. >> stephanie: so first of all i like the queen ann.
7:34 am
>> caller: your pal try salary will be in the mail. >> stephanie: you remember how remember, ann is a walking walking parody as she is. >> caller: that was when she was being snarky about the president in going overseas for vacation. are they going to come to grips with the fact that he was borne in hawai'i and it's over the sea sea. >> stephanie: she doubtses that they'll vacation as frequently overseas as michelle obama. referring to michelle obama went to spain and had lunch with the king and queen. >> caller: that's a vacation. >> stephanie: and visiting with heads of state are considered vacation time when ten taken by this particular first lady. >> caller: yeah, call on me.
7:35 am
>> stephanie: yes, charlie pierce? >> caller: yeah, and also of course she said that they have homes to vacation in. >> stephanie: i love this. the real revealed paragraph is not only romneys are allowed to say case overseas, a switzerland quote. and she said they have homes for that. >> yes, all three of them. >> caller: especially down in california where they chase the stoners off the beach. >> get off my lawn, you damn kids. >> stephanie: get off my lawn you stoners. >> caller: they'll say there is a funny looking white guy chasing me down the beach in white socks. >> stephanie: you said why don't they drop the pretense and move to versailles. >> caller: i'm sure its up for sale at this point. >> you're a romney. [ speaking french ]
7:36 am
>> stephanie: i was--here's what i quoted you as talking about john yu, the well-known arthur of the torture memo. what an an an egregious rule of law. >> caller: and suddenly they have a new enemy and his name is john yu. >> stephanie: and here's i think it could be my favorite sense. it was a bad day for romney on "face of a nation." he was on sunday's chewiest cluster of. [ bleep ] >> caller: if you watch the interview with bob scheiffer who is a veteran newsman. i was respect for the amount of years he has put in. he said would you repeal the octobertive ordertheexecutive order yes or no, and he got this incredible, to quote mel brooks--he gave gibberish.
7:37 am
>> stephanie: you said there was smoke coming from his head, smoke with a coming from his head. >> caller: we have an interview up on the site today that i did yesterday with marco rubio. marco. >> rubio. >> caller: thank you. i'm basically getting him to say, look, i'm perfectly willing to give you credit in good faith in trying to do something on immigration, but isn't what you want to do exactly what the president just did? >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: and he retreats into the well, he's acting beyond the constitution and did not consult with the congress, as if the congress is doing anything with him. >> stephanie: this looks ridiculous because we have all that radio goodness from the republican primary where he said unequivocally i will veto the dream act. they should self deport. there is no getting back to
7:38 am
this. even evangelical leaders are saying applaud the president and agree. >> caller: the leader on immigration issues is not marco rubio but steve king from iowa who is a nut. the squirrels are going to bury him one winter and no one will ever see him again. romney, he can't walk that back. and again in this interview that i dade with center rubio i tried to get him to say aren't you alarmed that your part's position on this has been staked where it is by steve king. he gave me an answer and i asked rim which democratic senator called minimum a racist. now we're back to hillary rosen is the real leader of the liberal wing.
7:39 am
wing. >> stephanie: yeah yeah. >> caller: he wants to have a future as a republican politician and he knows they've fettered away this demographic for the next 20 years. how many votes would romney have lost. if he just come out and say look, we need a really strong policy on this. i appreciate the joy that i see in the faces of the kids when given the president's order. i don't like the way he did it, but it is a stop-gap, but it's a gap we need to stop. how would that have hurt him? i don't know that it would have? >> stephanie: he looked so ridiculous trying to be against anything that the president is for. you're absolutely right. by the way, thank you for the catch, just because bill crystal was right on this, let's not forget how very, very wrong he is on nearly everything else. [ ding ding ] he said, sunday, we're reaching the time of consequence in dealing with iran on nuclear
7:40 am
weapons, authorizing me to use military force if necessary. and if the president is not willing to do it, congress should do it themselves. and you said honestly. [ bleep ] belongs in a. [ bleep ] cage. [laughter] >> i love you, charlie pierce. >> caller: it's readiness of how willing he he is to still the blood of other people's children. what is he going to do, dispatch the army? he can't do this. >> stephanie: we were doing story on the montana out house at the republican convention and blatantly racist stuff. you said, god knows an unchemical bent president doing things to help him become president. [ bleep ] is unprecedented. why not say uppity and get it over with. >> caller: so what if the president is political. it's decent policy and he's a president who wants to say
7:41 am
president. knock me over with a feather. and he's liable to take actions that help him stay president. >> stephanie: he's already 1,000 points ahead with latinos. >> a thousand? >> caller: a thousand? you can only sell 100% of anything stephanie. >> stephanie: well, my point is it's the right thing to do. >> caller: raul grijalva. >> stephanie: raul grijalva. and mary and her lover. >> raul grijalva. >> matt lolafalana. >> caller: now there's a name. >> stephanie: i lied about that other thing that i said was my favorite thing. >> caller: what was that. >> stephanie: drifting a few feet from the rest of the panel on a cloud made of sweet memories and old chardonnay, peggy noonan, the magic dolphin lady spun her usual witchcraft.
7:42 am
>> caller: she wants mitt to become more graspable. >> stephanie: what does that mean? >> caller: i don't even want to guess. >> maybe she wants to grasp him. >> stephanie: god, i love you so much in an unholy way, charlie pierce. >> caller: maybe there is a willard she wants to hang on to. >> stephanie: oh, then you commented on the same thing did i earlier. romney saying he does not consider himself a politician because he's a businessman. you say romney has been nothing but a politician from the moment he closed down the olympics. he has been running for president for 17 damn years. i thought since the beginning of time. >> caller: he was governor of massachusetts for four years and essentially quit that job two years in to start running for president. he has been running for president since about 2005. >> stephanie: oh, chris, you know what we have to do for fun when we come back? that pious bologna newt gringrich sound byte. can we caught the pious baloney
7:43 am
already. >> caller: he needs to cut the pious balone because he needs a slice because's hungry. newt was the guy that mitt dispatched to the auto convention. >> stephanie: exactly. that's what i'm saying. this is not a lunatic fringe thing. this is a convention that newt gringrich is speaking. >> caller: this is a state party. state party officials can go out there and say move this racist piece of swell off our front lawn because air making us look like jackasses in front of the world. the only reason why they didn't do that is because they wanted it there. >> stephanie: i'll come back with details about that. charlie pierce. you're a god. >> caller: goodbye raul grijalva grijalva. >> stephanie: farewell to you. charlie pierce from he is >> announcer: i got her number off the men's room stall. 1-800-steph-12.
7:44 am
[[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight.
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7:48 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> i got an e-mail from lana in portland. >> lana in portland. >> she and her boyfriend are having a fight as to what is on my shirt. >> stephanie: what is on your shirt. >> yes, lana, they are rock 'em sock 'em robots. [applause] >> stephanie: but they're knocking your block off. >> but they're wearing divo hats. >> right. >> they look vaguely mayan. i think it's the hats that make them look mayan. >> rock 'em sock 'em mayans. >> stephanie: thank you for joining another edition that's so random.
7:49 am
>> right? >> stephanie: hello gail, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: go ahead. >> caller: may i about your official angry progressive democrat? >> yes dammit. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: the reason why i'm calling is i don't know if you heard, but there is a radio show host in arizona. her name is barbara espinosa. >> we played that bit yesterday. >> stephanie: it's called "the president a machine can i." >> caller: yes, she did. that's terrible. >> stephanie: i'm sure that will not be perceived as at all racist. they'll probably deny that. >> caller: i think it's time we start boycotting these racists. we need to find out who the sponsors are and boycott until this racist old fat is bat is gone. i think people in arizona need to stand up and denounce this woman. or boycott the whole state. >> stephanie: that's the more egregious things. not that she said it, but it's coming to be expected in right wing radio. that's the new.
7:50 am
this story we were talking about. [♪ "world news tonight" ♪] >> stephanie: the out house at the montana republican convention. this was-- >> this was not a meeting somewhere. this was the state convention. >> stephanie: charlie pierce said the republican state convention could say get rid of this thing. [ bleep ] it all made appearances over the montana convention over the weekend in missoula, a few conventiongoers with an out house set up as the obama presidential library. ha ha, ha and its painted as though it was riddled by bullets, jim. >> yeah, great. >> stephanie: graffiti on the inside said call 1-800-michelle, crossed out hillary crossed out, and then pelosi circled in red. >> ha, ha, ha. >> stephanie: be right is that your actual name in atlanta?
7:51 am
>> caller: yes, it is. >> stephanie: be right are you going to be right. >> caller: you'll understand after the call. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: i don't have a problem with your reporter in the rose garden. >> stephanie: of course you don't. >> caller: and i agree with him trying to have dialogue and trying to get-- >> stephanie: in the middle of the president giving a statement? >> caller: well, he thought it was at the end-- >> stephanie: he did not. >> it was in the middle of a sentence. be right. >> caller: i'm contributing $100 to allen west. >> stephanie: awesome. >> that's money down the drain. >> caller: if i disagree with barack obama. >> stephanie: you're giving money to alan weathers so you can't possibly be racist. >> caller: so i'm giving money to allen west, but i'm not a racist. i never agree with barak hussein obama. >> stephanie: why is that? >> caller: why? because i don't believe if his policies. i believe his policies will fair. i think obama-care will be a
7:52 am
disaster. >> it has helped millions of people. >> caller: millions of people? >> yes. >> caller: what has it done with medicare. >> stephanie: we already have medicare. >> caller: but what is it going to do for medicare. >> stephanie: it closed the donut hole for people like my mom. >> caller: it will take $500 billion out of medicare. >> stephanie: no it's not. >> that's a lie. be right that's a lie. >> stephanie: be right you be wrong. >> you be wrong. >> stephanie: we just named you be wrong. >> it will take 500 gajillion dollars out of medicare and kill people because of the death panels. >> stephanie: thank you for including the president's middle name. that's not a tip-off any way. >> hussein obama who is a communist nazi liberal. >> stephanie: you. just can't say it better. the new talking point for mitt romney. i'm not a politician. i really don't care about
7:53 am
politics. i'm a businessman and i just want to get this country right. okay. >> can we drop a little bit of the pious balo ny. the fact is you ran in '95 and lost. you had a bad re-election rating. you dropped out of office. you were out of state for 200 days prepare to go run for president. you've been running consistently for years and years. and suddenly that citizenship showed up in your mind. level for the american people. you've been running since the 1990s. >> that's the best thing newt gringrich has ever said. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> if you have a pious baloney sandwich sitting around, i always feel peculiarish. >> he always feel peckish. he always has food in his maw. >> stephanie: it does look like a maw.
7:54 am
how much plankton does he eat. [ clucking ] >> cenk: he's a whale. >> stephanie: you made a reference and i have no idea. >> people out there know what i'm talking about. >> stephanie: i don't have children. frank in phoenix. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: what people haven't pointed out is all that the president has has pointed out is shown leadership that we lack. what he has told homeland security and related agencies. make the widest use of your budget. deport the criminals. if they want to deport more people expand and enforce the laws. >> stephanie: again, newt gringrich made that point. richard land evangelical leader made the point best. he said it's not amnesty because they haven't done anything wrong. these kids didn't--this is
7:55 am
through no fault of their own. they came here at infants. >> they're 16. they can tell their parents what they want to do. >> thanks. >> stephanie: captain "hee haw," whatever. >> i tweeted the picture of him in his pajamas. >> stephanie: of the unfortunate congressman from test texas. the toothless congressman from texas. i'm not saying that as an at the pejortive. he actual has a gap--okay, 58 minutes after the hour. we have robert andrews and the prop 8 case coming at the top of the stephanie miller. >> raul grijalva [ ♪ music ♪ ]
7:56 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: oh why hello current tv fans. getting ready for the last hour of the stephanie miller. plaintiffs in the prop 8 case, oh my god everything makes me cry, but this piece in "the new york times" this his dad road. >> jeff zarrillo's dad wrote. >> stephanie: yes, and representative robert andrews who like jacki schechner is a healthcare geek. >> i got a counter for you for your caller, be right who is talking about money coming out of medicare. >> stephanie: yes, thank you. >> it's the money we're saving from over paying insurance companies for the private medicare advantage plan.
7:57 am
>> stephanie: take that be wrong. you don't call the show when jacki schechner is around. eat that gravel soup biotch. >> the money paid in fraud over payments is where the money is coming down. >> stephanie: you know where they've been wrong ever since you left, they're wrong about everything. >> we'll have to leave it there. >> stephanie: that's right. because jacki schechner, we have to leave her here at current news center. >> it's not working. we should just stop. >> stephanie: hello, jacki. >> good morning everybody. president obama's policy change on immigration is panning out well for him politically. a new bloomberg poll shows 64% of likely voters agree with the decision to allow some young jong-il legal immigrants to remain in the state. republicans having a hard time answering the president's friday announcement with any comparable
7:58 am
plan. mitt romney criticized it as a stop-gap measure but refuseed to specify what he would implement instead if he were president. hispanic voters made up 9% of the electorate in 2008 and obama won that constituency by 35 points. mitt romney's tour raps wraps up with three campaigns in michigan. he was born there and his father was governor there from '63 to '69 but most polls give president obama the region. we've seen a big jump in censorship requests. ghouling released it's biannual transparency report which shows google agreed to remove 640 tories videos. most of the requests came from law enforcement officials in the united kingdom. many of those videos play a role
7:59 am
in training islamist extremist. the problem is they come down and then they tend to pop right back up. we're back in two minutes. join us.
8:00 am
8:01 am
you've heard stephanie's views. >>no bs, authentic, the real thing. >>now, let's hear yours at the only online forum with a direct
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line to stephanie miller. >>the only thing that can save america now: current television. >>join the debate now. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's "the stephanie miller show"." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ wah wah ] >> stephanie: six minutes after the hour. okay, now i get it. he had to show me the sesame street characters for the giant gaping maw is like newt gringrich. >> they're like yup yup yup. [applause] >> stephanie: now you can't
8:03 am
leave. we're randomly researches. >> and frankly yup, yup. >> stephanie: i had to run to the bathroom and i was thinking of that scene--have you ever seen when madeleine khan is playing the first lady. bob new heart. bob newhart. >> first family. >> stephanie: and gilda radner played the daughter. hilarious. and there is a scene where he's waiting in the presidential limo and she's running like a water buffalo and she's saying, i'm coming and then trips down the stairs okay, nobody help me. i'm fine. i just love madeleine khan. no, no no yes. no no, no, yes. could you all please step on the same foot at the same time.
8:04 am
that's a different movie. we'll bring them all in together. >> not the hair, not the hair. >> stephanie: not the hair, not the face. okay sexy liberal speaking of comedy. they filmed the documentary at my house. >> how did that go? >> stephanie: oh you got to see the handsome romantic dog. >> and was daisy there? >> stephanie: yeah. okay and they were all so handsome. yeah, we had a grand time. that will be airing on the current television network of whom i'm a huge fan. >> naked girls tend to be smokin' hot. >> stephanie: hya, we got tickets going fast. almost going for los angeles columbus in august and then september-- >> announcer: after sold out performances in 2011 the emregard city is about to experience a new dose of hill layerty in 2012. welcome back, seattle the
8:05 am
stephanie miller sexy liberal september 29, 2012. seattle welcomes the return of stephanie miller. >> the greatest radio talk show owes ever. >> announcer: john fugelsang and hal sparks and welcome stephanie miller. >> i want you to meet a very charming lady. >> it's about time. >> and her special brand of sexy liberal comedy. call (877)784-4849 saturday september 29th at 4:00 p.m. this is the sexy liberal show at the historyic paramount theater in seattle. >> good night, seattle, we love you. >> stephanie: all right. sexy liberal fun facts. i'm exhausted just reading it. 28 markets played to date. seen by 30,000 people.
8:06 am
highest grossing political tour ever. i'm just exhausted just reading all this. [ ding ding ] [applause] what the hell was i thinking. >> very successful. >> stephanie: exactly. >> the fault lies with the salad with the dressing being used on the salad. >> stephanie: thank you. >> that is a dateed reference to. >> stephanie: thanks to the suffering court i'll be flying on a new airline. >> announcer: on citizens united airlines we've flown to thousands of destinations all across america. it's all first class with no riff-raff. our flagship, the spirit of congress has 535 first class seats that we fill just the way we like. remember you can fly citizens united anonymously. citizens united airlines. we are dedicated to giving you the shaft that we think you deserve. come fly the unfriendly skies. >> stephanie: rocky mountain mike. hurray.
8:07 am
[applause] 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. terry in texas. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ter hello terry. >> caller: how are you. >> stephanie: i'm good. ho you are. >> caller: i'm fine. this is the first time i've talked on the radio. >> stephanie: don't be nervous. go ahead. >> caller: i don't know if my subject is the subject of the day but it has to do with paul ryan's budget and ann romney's horse. >> stephanie: what was it, $77,000. >> caller: i'm not talking about the deduction. i'm talking about the $1 million horse. >> stephanie: oh yes. >> caller: itself. but what i'm really talking about is i'm a voice of the 1% of the people that are now living below the poverty level. i live on $20,000 a year. >> stephanie: oiy. >> caller: i'm a 30-year retiree
8:08 am
from the texas prison system where i worked in an all-male prison. i make a pot of coffee on monday and i know it has to last me until wednesday. but i'm just--what i'm wondering about, do the people really understand what is in paul ryan's budget and what it will do for people like me who live below the poverty level and some of the middle class? >> stephanie: terry, you make a really, really good point. when we make jokes about stuff like this, but that's most people's reality. chris, we can google what the average income of an american. >> $40,000-something. >> stephanie: first of all, how is that a write-off? how is having a dressage horse a write-off? >> caller: i don't know anything about the wealthy. i don't claim to. i just know that if mitt romney is elected senior citizens and their social security and their medicare is going to be slashed
8:09 am
by a third. i think about the college students that have graduated this year with such massive debt. >> stephanie: yeah yeah, and i wonder--i don't wonder, i know, none of mitt romney's sons graduated with any kind of debt. >> stephanie: exactly. didn't he give them an inheritance already? terry, great call. you did great for your first time. that was very compelling. it's--we can all talk about policy all week long, pundit edits, but your ate the real person who these policies are going to effect. >> caller: they're also considering getting rid of pell grants. >> the best thing in america. [applause] >> think how many people they could feed if they sold one of their horses. >> stephanie: that's the kind of--you know stuff that puts things in perspective. you can make jokes but--
8:10 am
>> that tax deduction alone would allow two families to live okay. >> stephanie: this is where we go back to the hillary rosen comment. no one is disparaging mothers of any kind. her point was exactly right. the ann romneys of the world not just ann romney but anyone in that kind of stratosphere they have no idea what most people lives are like. >> a business deduction. >> stephanie: raising kids for ann romney, it's not the same as i'm sure it was for our last caller in texas. it really is two different worlds. >> i didn't know you could take tax deductions for hobbies or whatever that is. >> stephanie: why is that a write-off? >> she's claiming it's a medical-- >> it's therapeutic for ann. >> but she doesn't get on the horse. she writes the friggin' checks. >> stephanie: she does ride. >> not in the dressage contests.
8:11 am
>> stephanie: that's not the point. how you get a deduction for that. tony in l.a. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi tony. >> caller: hey, girl, i was just calling today with a black history fact. >> stephanie: black history fun facts, thank you. >> caller: today june 19th, is the celebration of the end of slavery. which was two and a half--june half--june 19th--with texas it didn't get to texas until june june 19th, two and a half years later. so we were freed in january 18 of '63 and thin it got to texas in '65. that's texas for you. i also wanted to make a comment about adidas shoes. they made a tennis shoe with the chain. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: around the angel.
8:12 am
>> caller: did you see that? >> stephanie: what are they calling it, the something slavery sneaker? >> caller: girl, if anybody buys that shoe, i'm going to hit them up the side of the head myself. i said we need to free ourselves of some of this mental slavery. >> stephanie: you could break the sneaker off in their we behind. thank you, tony. >> caller: thank you. >> i love you tony. >> stephanie: girl love her. [applause] almost as much as i love art ♪ who is the caller ♪ why its art ♪ >> stephanie: hi art. >> caller: god bless you. i was studying to be a fortune teller. and guess what i came up with if we reelect obama we're going to be same as greece, spain and france. >> stephanie: you mean--we're going to enact austerity
8:13 am
measures that will make the economy worse? >> caller: worse, you can't make it any worse. >> no, that's what happened. they enacted austerity measures and they made things worse. that's why the socialists won in france. >> caller: hey, can i talk? it's your station. >> stephanie: do you have a jingle jim? no you don't. >> caller: it's your station sweetheart, not mine. i just want to say one thing. he passed this thing about kids being amnesty for the young. did you notice that 30% rate of unemployment with the young black people here in illinois? >> stephanie: how can you have amnesty when you did do anything wrong. >> caller: what that's? >> stephanie: did these kids break the law. >> caller: who are we talking about? >> stephanie: you're saying its amnesty. how can you give-- >> caller: hey, they're illegal illegals. you forget thed a adjective
8:14 am
illegal. >> stephanie: how do you have a choice when you're a child. >> caller: they're still illegal illegal. >> but they didn't do anything wrong. >> caller: the hell they didn't. they're illegal. >> they were brought here. >> caller: they were illegally brought here. >> they should have killed their parents. >> is that what you're saying. >> stephanie: the menendez brothers. >> caller: don't put words in my mouth. >> what is the solution, art. what is your solution to that? >> caller: the parents should be deported or in jail. >> so you want to separate the families? >> caller: that's right. we should put all illegal-- >> wow! >> stephanie: we should put all illegal immigrants in jail. >> caller: my father came here legally. >> stephanie: from where? >> caller: from italy. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: all the people who came in the early 1900s they came here for jobs, looking for work. >> stephanie: art, i'm going to italy next week. >> caller: look up san bernadetto i am i'm going to
8:15 am
delve into your gene pool. >> i'm sorry, you want to separate families. >> stephanie: how many illegals are peer. >> caller: what if my grandfather came and brought my father illegally. my father would have been illegal. i would have been illegal. >> how would you like to be separated from your father? forcibly by the government. >> caller: they were separated. >> forcibly by the government. >> caller: at ellis island they were checking everybody out like they were supposed to. and they were families were broken up. >> stephanie: do you think it's a workable plan to imprison everybody here is here illegally. >> caller: no, send them back. >> stephanie: as much as i like him. [applause] >> eh? >> good show, young lady. >> according to the indians we're all here illegally. >> well, there is that. so that happened. >> send them all back. >> stephanie: i miss art. 19 minutes after the hour. kids go to meeting.
8:16 am
we could not run this little--what is this? >> a thing. >> stephanie: this little thing we call a show. we have people everywhere. we have people in new york and all over the country. you got to have "go to meeting." you can't possibly have meetings like that. i have a solution. go to meeting with hd faces. your team can meet online face-to-face. it takes seconds. it allows to you collaborate on files, plans online, you can see graphics and you see people's facial expressions very very--it's very important. i've a done one from a cab from a train from a plane. it's like a dr. seuss thing right from my ipad. you can go on the go using the camera in your ipad. >> and with a fox i want sure. go to go to meeting to join. you got to try it. see how easy go to meeting with hd is.
8:17 am
don't wait for the special offerrish go to go to and you the m promo code stephanie. >> announcer: eke, i just threw up on my dashboard again. it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] the new slogan should be "we own wall street." that's my view.
8:18 am
8:19 am
>>it would be terrible if america
8:20 am
lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:21 am
>> oh, my god. >> stephanie: the thing that we spend the majority of our time on in los angeles. not wuwanga. >> then you hit the hollywood bowl. >> stephanie: not kuwanga. >> pass the bowl. >> stephanie: what do you mean by cowahunga. mittens on the romney bus tour. >> oh, boy. >> romney: this is the time that counts upon america. for us to have a strong military, to have a strong economy and strong families. we're going to have a president who understands the values and the principles that made america strong. i do. i will. we will restore america's greatness. america's greatest days are ahead. we're the shining city on the hill. >> oh, my god slogan, slogan.
8:22 am
>> stephanie: it's like regan vomited, and he put orange power der on it and tried to reserve it. >> they are here and then vomited it up again. >> stephanie: play the first part of this again. >> romney: this is the time that counts upon america. >> this is the time that counts upon america. >> stephanie: it's like he put abraham lincoln and reagan in the blender. >> and then vomited into it. >> stephanie: and then-- >> i think i'm going to barf. >> four score and there i can again. >> stephanie: that was a real presidential. >> mash up. >> stephanie: yeah. >> see that's what happens when romney goes off the teleprompter. >> this is the time that america counts too. >> stephanie: it's like the president scrabble board exploded. >> and that magnetic word poetry. he threw it at the refrigerator and read what came out. >> this is the place dish. >> stephanie: four score and seven shining cities on the hill. i got to hear that again.
8:23 am
>> oh, boy. >> december 7, 1865. >> stephanie: a day in not to ask that your country can what? >> romney: this is it the time that counts upon america and for us to have a strong military, strong families and to have a president who understands the values and principles that made america strong. i do, i will, we will restore america's greatness. america's greatest days are ahead. we're the shining city on the hill. >> stephanie: that was graspy. >> that made sarah palin seem coherent. >> stephanie: presidential papaya not a patio pie i can't but a piaeya. >> it's the presidential seven layer dip. in the chat room, when did sarah palin become his speechwriter.
8:24 am
>> romney: i am predicting victory, but i know it's a little early to make predictions like that. wisconsin is very strong. people have seen the results of a governor who has held down spending, taxes are lower and schools are doing well and employment is doing better in wisconsin. there is a way to get the private sector working not just the governmental secretarier. >> stephanie: he just had to spend how many millions dollars to keep his job after a year. that's a resounding, yeah. [applause] walker's unvictory. okay, 29 minutes after the hour. representative robert andrews and much more we continue. we have even more from the bus tour. >> oh god. >> stephanie: as we continue on "the stephanie miller show." and that's how they organize [ ♪ music ♪ ]
8:25 am
>> well, not quite a baby. >> you have a baby. >> just saying. >> in a bar. >> stephanie: straight parents. >> it wasn't quite a baby. >> stephanie: she was eight. >> eight. [[vo]]joy behar is coming to current tv for one week only until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what?
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> please keep your voices down. >> announcer: stephanie miller. >> i'm a little hungover. >> stephanie: it's "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the number toll-free from anywhere. awaiting the supreme court decision on on the affordable care act. representative robert andrews. >> caller: good morning i'll try to keep my voice down. >> stephanie: i appreciate it. you're someone who has been working hard and long about healthcare. i know there are conservatives activists who are worried it's going to be up upheld.
8:30 am
nancy peel lows think it's going to be 7-3 upheld? what do you think about that? >> caller: i have no idea. the supreme court is inscrutable. by nature, they're a secretive group and for anyone to predict what is going to happen is just guessing. i know this law is constitutional. a truly conservative decision that recognizes the primacy of the legislative branch duly elected and the president duly elected to make this decision will uphold the law. if this is truly a conservative court the law will be upheld. >> stephanie: a constitution professor said, they're likely to see it as judicial activism activism,ee, you think so?
8:31 am
>> stephanie: ya think in none legalese. >> caller: who has the authority to determine. we have decisions going back now 80 years to the new deal that says when the congress makes a decision that something would benefit the interstate commerce, it would benefit the growth of the nation's economy the congress is give very very broad deference with what it may do. if you disagree what they do politically, that's why we have elections. but to say there is something unconstitutional about this is really a stretch and a truly conservative court as i said, will uphold the law. >> stephanie: yeah, well you know it's interesting i was reading some more analysis earlier that speaking specifically about scalia, in the many law professors' opinions, he has been strictly political. he seems in terms of the commerce clause or anything else, he seems to interpret the
8:32 am
stuff he likes or not legally. >> caller: i like to think of him not as the justice by electorate college since he single handedly put george bush over al gore. that is stunning. justice scalia, who pore ports to be a states right advocate made a decision in the bush-gore case that was a profittal, he said florida does not have the right to decide it's own procedure to conduct a recount. the state can be overridden by some newly invented equal presentation right of a candidate. let me tell you this, if the shoe had been on the other foot. if a conservative candidate was asking for the recount well, if a liberal candidate--you understand was on the other foot, there's no way he would have come out the way he did.
8:33 am
>> stephanie: the only thing i could hear was the sound of al gore turning off his own channel. >> caller: that may happen. but al gore, to enormous credit, lived by the decision and never questioned the decision of the supreme court but it was a ridiculous decision and hopefully we will not have a repeat of it here. >> stephanie: representative i heard your colleague jan who said she thinks that it's going to be upheld. even if they track just the mandate, she still thinks it's workable to move forward. they made the point that medicare does not have a mandate, but if you wait too long, it will cost you more. >> caller: i don't want to speculate what we would do if this happens or that happens. suffice it to say this, we're thoroughly committed to first rate healthcare for every americans. irrespective of the decision we're going to make sure that that happens.
8:34 am
theodore roosevelt was the first president to do a law that would give every american first rate healthcare. it didn't happen for 100 years. if we have to fight for it we will and we will win. this is something that america needs and we support and it will happens. >> stephanie: rejecting the mandate and keeping the pre-existing condition would create a desk pile that would lead to higher premiums, and prompt policy owners to drop coverage, and rate increases. >> caller: that is true. >> stephanie: this is why this was so carefully constructed. i was reading a comment about the conservative gathering they just had. they hope, a that health care is struck down and b, it's workable and you need to have something where people are held accountable. you're driving affordable care mandate. >> caller: here is a way to understand the substance.
8:35 am
the guy who lives across the street from me is 25 years old. he's a website designer. he thinks he's going to live forever. he doesn't buy a healthcare policy. he buys a motorcycle. he goes out on the weekend and unfortunately has a motorcycle accident. he is taken to the emergency room and can't pay his bill. who should pay his bill, you or him? that's what this is all about. the law says he should. if he wants to use the emergency room, which he has a right to under state law then he has the responsibilities to pay his fair share. this welfare for people. if you feel like opting out of insurance but you use the emergency anyway, then your neighbors pay for you. i would think that true conservatives don't want that. that's why newt gringrich and bill frisk and mitt romney and a lot of other people who at various times are conservatives have been for this over the years. >> stephanie: they should have use's mitt romney op he op-ed how
8:36 am
important the mandate is. >> caller: we can't wait for the ink to dry on a lot of what he says, we understand that, he changes his position. if you understand it that way who should pay his bill, you or him with the motorcycle accident and the majority of americans believe this is the right thing to do. to say that congress can't pass a law that stops someone from having their neighbors pay their emergency room bill? that's a little odd. >> stephanie: yeah, that's exactly-- >> caller: to say that that's their constitutional position and i think they're just wrong. look, i hope what happens is that the justices understand the truly conservative approach here for their institution, which is 130 million voters should make this decision, not one or five justices. >> stephanie: that's exactly right. you speak healthcare better than anybody. >> caller: well thank you. robert andrews. >> caller: i hope i did it in a soft voice. >> stephanie: it was very soothing. thank you so much
8:37 am
representative. >> caller: my pleasure. >> stephanie: he says stuff in a way that is so understandable. >> unlike mitt romney. >> stephanie: yes. >> don't make me play that again. >> stephanie: okay let's have some presidential piaeya again. >> this is the time that counts upon america to have strong military strong economy and strong families. we need to have a president that understands the values and principles that made america strong. i do. i will. we will restore america's greatness, america's greatest days are ahead. we're the shining city on the hill. >> oh god. >> stephanie: was he like on "jeopardy." [ ♪ "jeopardy theme" ♪ ] trying to get in as many catchphrases as possible? shining hill--what was that one paraphrasing someone. >> our best days are still ahead. >> stephanie: and also. >> i'm surprised dish. >> stephanie: sorry, mittens. >> and we need to get out of iraq as carefully as we got in
8:38 am
carelessly. >> stephanie: i get that wrong. >> i know. >> there is a "live for your diehard." and it says, there is a message that consists of a presidential speech that they-- >> stephanie: that's it. speech. >> that's exactly what he did. >> are you saying that mitt romney is a terrorist. >> stephanie: it's like a hostage note made up entirely of presidential-- >> that's what they did. >> stephanie: yeah see? >> all right. >> stephanie: mittens. >> romney: president obama just put this in his column. he assumed from the very beginning that wisconsin was going to be his. but you know what, we're going to win wisconsin, and we're going to get the white house. >> stephanie: oh, please. by the way jim, do you know what i say to that reference? yippie ki-yay, mother. [ bleep ] >> that was the first one. [applause] >> believe a special prosecutor should look into them and make every effort to understand how those matters that relate to the
8:39 am
safety of our men and women in uniform around the world and to our foreign policy items those items should not be leaked that put america's interests and people in jeopardy. >> stephanie: i'm sure he would have said the exact same thing about the valerie plame-- >> yeah. >> stephanie: is he afraid that dressage sounds french and gay. >> it's a passion. when i get a chance to ride a horse, it's western and on a trail. >> stephanie: like reagan. >> ann lovers the sport. >> stephanie: like reagan. i only ride manly western horses on manly western trails up to the shining city on the hill. [ mocking laughter ] >> stephanie: rich guy horse laugh. okay, would you like the search major issues that mitt romney will not make a stand on. he would not say whether he
8:40 am
would undo obama's deportation on jong-il legal immigrants. he won't say which is tax loops he will close. >> did you say tax holes? >> tax hole. >> i think did you. >> stephanie: mitt romney is kind of a tax hole. >> he is. >> stephanie: taking a $77,000 deduction. you're a tax hole. [laughter] >> stephanie: only my mistakes are funny. >> yeah, wow. >> stephanie: never intentionally funny. oh boy. rub slat in may wounds. >> okay. >> stephanie: he said at a fundraiser he would close a lot of departments in washington. he won't say which. and he won't say if he supports the littlery ledbetter pay act for women or the violation against women act and he won't say if he carries private equity
8:41 am
partners. his buddy is a bain, tax holes. i like the point that congress made. whether or not romney continues to avoid taking position on so many positions. fending on how the media will act. >> stephanie: do a job. ask hard questions. bob scheiffer can't do everything around here. >> mitt romney, are you a tax hole. >> stephanie: i created a good word today. yay for me. i'm a big girl. mitt romney. >> romney: the president made a mistake by putting out there what he called a stop-gap measure. i don't think that's the right way to go. of course its partly political and the right course here is not to have a nominee like miss going out and talking about short-term answers. i want to put in place a long-term solution to our illegal immigration challenge. >> stephanie: except you you
8:42 am
were taped saying you would against the dream act. >> the first question is, what's changed between last year when you said you didn't have the authority to do this and this year when you say you're goinged to it other than the proximity of the elections. >> oh my gosh, you're a talking turtle. >> the question is where do you keep the lettuce for this joint. i feel peckish. i have not eaten in 200 years. [ laughing ] >> stephanie: by the way can i--give me my fun story music right away. [ door bell ] >> stephanie: a little trouble in your relationships, your marriage. there is a story of a turtle who live a zillion years. there was a turtle couple. they've been together 116 years. >> whoa, that's longer than bob and lidy. >> stephanie: but they had to separate them because she bit
8:43 am
part of his shell off because she finally snapped. >> with her den institute dentures? oh you're so irritating, and ripped part of his shell so they had to operate them. it took her awhile. i hate the way you breathe. >> she gums his shell off. [ mumbling ] that took awhile. >> stephanie: my friends when they get irritated with each other, they say i'm going to rip one of your shells off. i'm going to walk through my turtle tunnel. elaine chow, if you don't shut up, i will bite off part of your shell. 48 minutes left to the top of the hour. right back to "the stephanie miller show." [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight.
8:44 am
[ ♪ music ♪ ] until the fall. what happens if you ask her to tone down her opinions? >>sorry, i can't hear you. what? [[vo]]or tell her she has to stick to a script? >>forget it. [[vo]]that will never happen on current. >>try to be a little more conservative tonight. you want to save money on car insurance?
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gaeme inc. thank gaemezilinsky, thank you for joining innovation matters now more than ever. after the commercial. >> it is a combination of low self-esteem, low blood sugar and missing red wine with my -- and mixing red wine with my painkillers.
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enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discuss all medicines you take, even eye drops. stop taking spiriva and seek immediate medical help if your breathing suddenly worsens your throat or tongue swells you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? ask your doctor if spiriva can help. >>it would be terrible if america lost faith in wall street insiders wouldn't it. [ ♪ music ♪ ]
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> announcer: stephanie miller. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." how awesome is this. there is a posting about me. >> no. >> stephanie: let me finish. >> she knows you exist. >> stephanie: oh, cause i took a little shot at her on my current blog. i was talking--i said the journalist in the rose garden, i used the word journalist the same way i call orly taitz a dentist. she wants to be a dentist. she writes here all in caps. >> i like to be--a dentist.
8:49 am
>> stephanie: lawyer-dentist. i don't know why i'm just reading it her in accept. call stephanie miller. let he know that respect needs to be earned. she deserves zero respect for being an obama lackey instead of a respectful journalist. >> you're not a journalist. >> stephanie: i never claimed-- >> i thought it sounded better-- >> stephanie: let me finish. >> she's hebrew. >> stephanie: well listen all i know about the muck raker in the white house rose garden is hard. ♪ down, down, down ♪ puts obama down, down ♪ down, down ♪ just a right wing clown ♪ down, down, down ♪ raking muck you ♪ is hard to do ♪ don't take your blogs ♪ away from me ♪ can't you see ♪ i live in fantasy
8:50 am
♪ even that is true ♪ raking muck ♪ is hard to do ♪ don't say that you ♪ won't tweet no more ♪ because my i.q. ♪ is 64 ♪ he's a communist ♪ and nazi, too ♪ and raking muck ♪ is hard to do ♪ down, down, down ♪ down, down, down ♪ i'm a right wing clown ♪ down, down, down ♪ >> stephanie: thank you, rocky mountain mike. >> any moron can be a blogger. >> stephanie: i guess so. speaking of muckrakers and real journalists, here is john fugelsang. good morning. >> caller: good morning. orly taitz is the only woman i know who speaks in all caps. >> stephanie: john fugelsang if for jennifer granholm all this week doing a spectacular job
8:51 am
i'm told. >> you did an awesome job last night. >> stephanie: what a great staff. governor granholm does not hire chimps to work for her. >> stephanie: no, sir. what is on the big show tonight. >> caller: well, we have great guests including former congresswoman elizabeth holts to talk about the 40th anniversary of watergate. she was one of the congress people investigating and it's great to have her first-hand perspective. we're doing a series on lbgbt candidates. we had the congress the candidate for congress frommizearizona. and your boyfriend mr. vann jones. [ screaming ] >> stephanie: okay, john fugelsang, i want to get your take you know, hal and i are
8:52 am
happy clapy liberals. >> caller: you too. >> stephanie: we drag you with us sometimes. i love this, though. david plouf on the tuck shows and told them to stop worrying. not spending enough time to talk about the next four years yada, yada. we've talked about this before. there are some former hilary supporters who can be off message. include you, james carvell. people take it as a signal that things are fine. you're playing into romney's hand. hethe president knows things are not fine. >> caller: there are three types of liberals who criticize obama. you have the hardcore liberals
8:53 am
who hate everything that he does. and these are people who really want mitt romney to appoint the next three supreme court justices. on the other hand you've got the people like--i guess i'm in that number. people who love the president want his re-election but will criticize on certain areas because he said to told his feet to the fire, and they realize the president-- >> stephanie: we're running out of time here. but i thought it was important how he ended. he told democrats to quit the hand wringing and go on with the election. >> caller: i agree. >> stephanie: work like heck to win this election. that's where we need to put our focus, not the hand wringing. the time for hand wring something over. time for happy clapy. >> caller: he does more that we don't read. >> stephanie: john fugelsang if for jennifer granholm. we'll see you tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show."
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